This week our FCE students review their favourite movies

Garazi Manzano, FCE student

Review, C2022


“Pearl Harbor” is one of the most historical films I have seen. It combines a historical event with a love story, and stars Ben Affleck as Rafe McCawley, Josh Harnett as Danny Walter and Kate Beckinsale in the role of Evelyn Johnson.

The film is set in the past, when The United States enter a war due to the Japanese attack to Pearl Harbor. Is included a romantic story between the three main characters. Danny and Rafe had been since they were children, both of them were North American pilots. Rafe started a beautiful love relationship with Evelyn (a lovely nurse). But friendship between Rafe and Danny ended when Danny and Evelyn fell in love while they thought wrongly that Rafe was dead. The cast is very strong and the film features a surprisingly competent performance from Ben Affleck.

I would recommend the film to anyone who likes love stories. If you ignore the complexities of the plot and just enjoy the romance scenes, you will not feel dissapointed!


NAME: Alaitz Exeberria del Pozo, FCE student TYPE OF WRITING: review GROUP: C1822


“The Hobbit” is one of the most entertaining epic fantasy adventure films I have seen. It is based on J.R.R. Tolkien´s novel The Hobbit and it has been made in three parts, all of them directed by Peter Jackson. It combines characters´ amazing way of living with terrific special effects and stars Ian Holm in the role of Bilbo Baggins.

The film is set in the fictional world of Middle-earth. During the three films Bilbo, hired by wizard Gandalf, accompanies 13 dwarves to reclaim the LonelyMountain from the dragon Smaug. The plot is straightforward and easy to follow and taken in conjunction with the cast, the result is one of the best films ever.

As for the visual elements, the special effects are stunning: you can watch the film in 3D and it looks as if you were flying or avoiding objects and besides, the director has taken care of even the smallest details of the wardrobe.

I would recommend the film to anyone, just for the sake of the dwarves, because it is worth meeting them.

Silvia Mendiola, FCE student

Type of writing: review

Group: C1822

` The Hobbit´ is a  science fiction film I have seen recently. It is an adventure related to `the Lord of the Rings´ films, which were three box office hits. There are a lot of special effects, action and supernatural creatures.

The film is set in an imaginary world, with trolls, enormous eagles, elves, etc.  The plot is focused on a hobbit, a little man, who helps some friends to keep invaders away from their kingdom. Some scenes are stunning and I think they will become memorable. In addition, the cast is perfect with stars like Cate Blanchet and Elijah Wood. Its filmmaker is Peter Jackson, one of the most successful filmmakers.

The film will be continued with other two films, so the worst of the film is that it does not have a true end, its fans will have to wait for the sequel for 2 years .

I would recommend the film to everybody, especially if they love fantasy. I am sure you will not regret going to watch it.

Nerea Ortega Unanue  c1822, FCE student



“Harry Potter and the secret chamber” is the second film of the saga that has been written by J.K.Rowling. It is one of the most entertaining fiction films that I have ever seen. It has lots of special effects and stars Daniel Radclife as Harry Potter and Emma Watson in the role of Hermione.

The film is set in a parallel world where many magicians live. Harry Potter is the main character who tries to save people from Voldemort, the villain of the film.

The plot, which focuses on a strange school, is not quite complicate but it is a little bit strange because all the people have special powers and many secrets that may surprise you. The cast is not bad but in my opinion Emma Wattson gives the best performance.

As for the visual elements, the special effects are amazing because people can fly and play football in the sky sitting on a broom.

I would recommend the film especially to people who like fiction films. If you like reading you can continue to enjoy this story before it appears in the cinema.

Name: Laura Camarero, FCE student

Type of writing : Review, C1822


Known as the box office of this winter “The impossible”, is based on real events. It is a film directed by Juan Antonio Bayona´s  Spanish director, but with an international cast and Naomi Watts as the main actress.

Naomi plays a Spanish woman that goes to Thailand to spend 2004 winter holidays with her family. Ewan Mc Gregor appears as supporting role as her husband. One day all of them, the couple and their three sons, are at the pool of the hotel when they hear a terrible noise. An incredible big wave, the tsunami, appears. The special effects are fascinating, whereas the story is very dramatic. Some seconds later all around Naomi disappeared. She is so injured and alone. She has to recover from her injuries and try to find her family.

It is quite strange how the story is told. A lot of details from the experience of the mother and the elder son and very few details about the events the dad and the other two sons have lived. It is very moving when all the brothers meet together after the disaster.

You will cry a lot watching this film, but it has a fascinating plot with good actors and actresses. You should see it.


Name:Adriana Bara Arruebo, FCE student

Type of writing: Review

Group: C1822


“Big Fish” is a very emotional film about the relationship of a father and his son. It combines comedy, fantasy and emotions in a typical background created by Tim Burton. The film stars Ewan McGregor as Edward Bloom, who is the main character.

The film is set when Edward Bloom is old and sick, and he is going to die. He has not talk with his son for many years. His son hates his father´s tales about his live, because he thinks that he lies, because they are so fantastic. So during the film you go back to the past, living the incredible Edward´s experiences of his live, and you return to the present to feel how the relationship between the father and the son evolves. The cast is not very well known, but Ewan McGregor plays a very good performance.

There are not stunning special effects or frenetic action, but the script is amazing and also the end will make you cry.

I would recommend the film to anyone who likes Burton´s films and who wants to feel his kind side , and also who likes fantastic tales


Group: C2022

Name: Iván del Blanco, FCE student

Type of writing: Review


‘Ted’ is one of the most entertaining comedy films I have seen. It combines jokes with action, and stars Mark Wahlberg as John, Mila Kunis as Lori and the director of the film, Seth MacFarlane in the role of Ted.

The film is set in Boston, where John, a child without friends, asks for Christmas that a teddy (Ted) may have life and can be his best friend. John grows and the film focuses on the relation between John, his girlfriend Lori, and his best friend Ted, who is a bad influence for John according to Lori. The movie features a surprisingly competent performance from Ted, making you laugh constantly.

As for the visual elements, there are any special effects in general, and the script is not stunning. You could imagine the next scene sometimes.

I would recommend the film to anyone who wants to have a great time. If you do not wish a different or complicated plot, you will not feel disappointed.



Silvia Rubio Lagunas , FCE student

Group c 2022


‘The Green Beautiful’ is an entertaining comedy film directed by the French Coline Serrau, who also wrote ‘Three men and a cradle’ in 1985. Although it is an old film, which was filmed in 1996, I think it is a very good one because of the values it presents.

The film is set in the future, in a small and faraway planet where the society is so advanced that they needed neither money nor material objects. People, who live about 250 years, communicate telepathically and are in full contact with nature. They celebrate an annual meeting of the planet, in which they exchange their productions and communally decide their trips. Nobody wanted to go to the Earth until one volunteer, Mila, offers herself to do it. When she goes to our planet, she discovers many positive and negative aspects of our reality from another point of view and conception of life.

I would recommend this film to anyone who wants to have a nice time and also think about our world.


Name: Oihane Ortiz de Guinea, FCE student C2022

Task:  Stud. Book page 44 (review)


“The impossible” is one of the most entertaining drama films I have ever seen. Juan Antonio, the director, manages to attract people’s attention to understand the film with the help of some stars Naomi Watt as Maria and Ewan McGregor in the role of Henry.

The film plot focuses on the tsunami that took place in Thailand in the year 2004, so there is no doubt that it is based on a real experience. However, at times the plot is a little predictable. Especially when Ewan ,the main character,  met with Tomas and Lucas ,his sons.

As for the visual effects, the ones are impressive. For example, in the case of the wave instead of being made on a computer the director preferred to do it without electronic gadgets as he thought that it could be more authentic.

I would recommend the film to anyone who likes adventure movies and exciting ones. A piece of advice:  don’t centre on the details of the film and focus on the special effects.

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